Seniors Complex

Park Avenue at Creekside

Park Avenue at Creekside

Creekside in Rocky Mtn. House is home to “Park Avenue at Creekside”, a seniors’ housing complex consisting of 40 Supportive Living units and 46 Independent Living units.  This project is due to a recent grant through the Alberta Governments’ Affordable Supportive Living Initiative.  Christenson Communities in partnership with Laebon Homes was awarded a grant to build the facility. The 40 unit 2-storey building is located at the intersection of Park Avenue and 45 Avenue Close.

The Supportive Living building is for anyone age 18+ who needs assisted care.  Of the 40 units, 20 will be set aside for dementia and 20 for supportive living level 4.  Residents will have access to a licensed practical nurse, housekeeping and laundry, 3 meals per day among other services.  Supportive Living rents are set by the Province of Alberta.

A second 3-storey building with 46 Independent Living units will be attached to the main building and will feature one or two-bedroom studio apartments.  These residents will also have access to the services in the care units in the adjoining building. This will allow couples to live together so they can take care of each other as they age, while being close to their families.  Residents in these units will have the option of purchasing, renting or life leasing a unit.  Rental rates depend upon the size of the unit and also vary from rent and life-lease.

The plans for this developments can be viewed at the Laebon Showhome in Creekside at 5702-45 Ave. Close. If you would like additional information on this development, please phone Debee Graham, Community Sales Manager, Laebon Homes at 403-846-9098 or email at Laebon Showhome hours are Thursday through Monday 12-5, closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Click Here to view overview of Seniors Complex


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